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I'm new to aquaria and even newer to planted tanks. The lighting for plants is the most confusing aspect so far...
I have a 55 Marineland aquarium that had the support in the middle. I bought the aquarium as a "Kit" that came with a double hood and a panel of LED's for each side. It contains white for daylight and blue for night.
Pi currently only have 5 plants in the tank but I have about 25 plants coming this week. Tomorrow we are re-doing the tank so that the white sand currently used for substrate moves to the front 1/3 of the tank and will be covered with Caribsea Snowy River pea gravel. There will be a pre-fabricated retaining wall between the front 1/3 and back 2/3. It will serve as a divider, the back 2/3 of tank will have Eco Complete as the substrate.
I have lost done leaves on each of the two Madagascar lace plants and a Aponogeton Plant with curly long leaves but each of the 3 also have brand new leaves that have sprouted since they came here.
My question is whether or not the LED's that came Roth this kit are considered enough lighting for most plants or is I need to acquire a different light source.
The whole aquarium thing has been a money monger and really eating away at my savings so if like to utilize the hood as long as I can and if the LED's need replaced find a way to furnish needed light in the most economical manner. Suggestions would be so appreciated!!!
Thank you!!
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