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Question on Cycling

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Hi all, I recently did a total do-over with my 10 gallon tank. I decided to go with the low light/low tech option with tons of plants. I took out my old substrate and left a few handfulls to hopefully cycle the tank faster with some pre-existing BB (My old tank had been set up for a couple years). I topped it with Eco-Complete and changed all the equipment, including the filter. Anyway, It's been 4 days since I set it up, but my parameters haven't changed. Still at around 0.125 ammonia (I think, colors are hard), 0 Nitrite, 5 Nitrate. Just wondering if my tank has cycled already, but I doubt it since I never saw the nitrites go up. Do I just need to learn some more patience? :p
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Showing some nitrates is a good thing but no your tank is not finished cycling. The fact you are showing nitrates means its on it way. Do you have fish in the aquarium or adding ammonia to continue to feed the BB until it completes its cycle? No food for BB and they will start to die off.

No, I've got my betta and nerite snail in a separate holder tank since I didn't want to stress them out. I'm not adding any ammonia either...Do you think I should put those guys in?
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