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Question on 10g stocking (American themed Biotope)

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Hello everyone!

I'm still in the middle of stocking my 33g Asian biotope but I'm already thinking (dreaming) of a new tank. MTS got me good!
Due to space limitations a 10gallon would be the max I can have and fill the only (practical) space remaining. Dimensions would be 50 cm x 25 cm x 35 cm

Ever since I started the hobby Corydoras got my attention, however due to me starting with a 5 gallon I moved into Asian fish and I prefer to group fish into a more 'natural' environment.

So 10 gallon is what I can have and I was thinking about following fish:
  • 4-5 Pygmy cories
  • 6-8 ember tetras
  • 2 (Zebra) Ottos

The tank would be heavily planted, not sure yet what. I already have an Anubias that will be good to start with as it has a bunch of algea on it already for Otos.

Would this be feasible or should I make some changes?

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Thanks, I would indeed stay on top of it and put fairly heavy filtration on it. As all fish are schooling I think I can't lower the amount of fish I have in there. I could remove the otos but they are so cute!

I have heard about that oto/cory schooling, however I'm living in Belgium so Rachel wouldn't ship here :) (I do love her videos tho!)
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