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Question for freshwater crab owners

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I understand that crabs are pretty crafty escape artists, but I want to know exactly how crafty.

What is the minimum height between the terrestrial area and the top of an open top tank you would recommend?

Would you not recommend an open top tank at all? If I did not have any tubes or wires coming in through the top of the tank, would I be in the clear?

What types of plants can crabs climb up? I imagine rigid terrestrial stemmed plants should probably not go higher than the tank lip, but what about grasses? Are we talking crouching vampire, hidden red claw?

I have been using the word "crabs" pretty loosely. Obviously there are many different types of freshwater crab. Please let me know about the escape abilities of the particular species you are familiar with.

Thanks guys!
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Thai Micro Crabs - Fully Aquatic; have not heard of them trying to climb out of the tank.
Mud Crabs
Dwarf Mud Crabs- Seem to be fully aquatic; Mine never tried to escape
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