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I bought the aquatek paintball regulator on amazon and I love it, using paintball canisters makes it really easy to find a place to refill and the regulator has a solenoid so you can turn it on and off with an outlet timer. You want to maintain CO2 levels at around 30ppm during the day but the issue is you can't measure it directly so you can use a drop checker to measure it indirectly. I use a bubble counter and usually keep my co2 at around 1 bubble per second for every 10 gallons. You can probably get away with half that dosage because you have such a tall tank and are keeping low light.
+1 ihave the aquatek paintball regulator and its been doing the job. ihave a drop checker that ihave to help monitor my co2 levels
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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