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Question about Cory cats

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I recently picked up 3 leopard cory cats. I would like to add a few more Cory's, but I was wanting to get a different type. Would they all shoal together or would the two types keep to themselves?
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I've noticed that at least in my tank they generally tend to school with their own particular size and color. I have some albino cories, some green, cories, some peppered cories and they occasionally all make one school, but generally stay segregated by color. That does confuse me a bit, since the green/albinos are the same species, and supposedly color blind. I don't know how they can tell which ones are green and which are albino.
Just make them all one species. It looks better too.
Keep corys in schools. I have small schools of peppered, and pandas. I have one lone little skunk cory that I am trying so hard to locate a few more for him to school with, I found him by accident at a petsmart and he was all alone and mislabeled, at least now he's with other corys. They do best and are most active in schools of the same kinds.
Get a min of 5 of each type if you get cories they do best in groups of 5 or more
You can put them with other corys but like everyone else said they do tend to stick to their own species when schooling
I have 8 pandas that school together a lot. You need to keep cories in groups of at least 5. In the wild they're with hundreds of their own species.
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