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Hello again!

I have a question about CO2 at night.

Now I understand that when the light are off, plants will stop photosyinthesising (sp?), which in turn lowers the amout of O2 in the water. But if I keep pumping CO2 into my tank at night, I will soon have an excess of CO2 and my fish will be gasping for air, right? My question is how do I solve this problem? If I were to turn the CO2 off at night, wouldn't this cause a fluctuation in pH that could be harmful to my fish? Or would it be better to turn the CO2 down at night? Or is there a magic amout of CO2 that I put into my tank that is perfect for both night and day? I have read three other threads on this topic and I am still not quite sure on the best way to solve this problem. My tank when I get it set up will have a canopy, so would an air stone help?

Thanks for the help everybody!
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