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question about aqueon 8...

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just wondering what your guys thoughts are on the stock led light it comes with. just curious what my options are for plants. so far don't have very many but thinking about adventuring into the plant world!
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I was able to easily grow anubias and java fern with the stock lighting. Unfortunately, after only 6 months, the diodes starting burning out one by one and I had to switch to a desk lamp with a daylight CFL.
I have the Evolve 4.

I have grown Argentine swords, water sprite, wysteria, rotala roundtifolia, various bacopa. All with the stock light.

Mine has lasted a year, although I recently lost 4 of the LEDs.
I agree with the people above. The evolve 8 is OK as a tank with its sump. But the stock led isn't great. Mine burnt out within two months of buying it. Got a wave point clip on 6500k. But you could probably grow some basic stuff as mentioned above np.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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