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question about Aqua Soil

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Hi, i'm planning to buy aqua soil for my shrimp tank. and i've read that aqua soil is great for plants and fishes which prefer ph 5.5 - 6.5. does this mean that aqua soil would bring the ph down to this range?
if so, how could shrimps(which prefer 6.5-7.5) be kept in this low ph?
or am i missing something?
anyone can tell me
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or can someone who is using aqua soil in the shrimp tank tell me the ph?
I'm using AS II in my shrimp tank, pH is 6.8.
most clay based substrates lower pH.
you can accomplish the same with SMS,
and save yourself a ton of cash. my
SMS lowers the pH by at least 0.4 alone.

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If your going to put as in your shrimp tank make sure to soak it for a month or so to leach out tha ammonia in the as. Change the water in the tank wvery day or so and ou should be fine.

I put it in my shrimp tank by scraping out tha old substrate (but leaving the shrimp) from the tank, and just dumping the as in it. In about two weeks the ammonia crept up and killed all but about 15 of my over 100 rcs!!!
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