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Question about a few odd shrimp - possibly albino?

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i have a little fluval ebi tank on my desk at work, its about a year old and ive had a few generations of babies. I noticed that i have 3 crs who look pretty much white with an absence of color where the red should be...possibly albino?

Does this mean that my gene pool is getting a bit shallow? Just wasnt sure as this is my first go at CRS and i heard stories about mass extinctions due to inbreeding etc so i was wondering if that was the case here or if i just got a cool looking albino CRS?


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I've never heard of albino shrimp before. I do not think those are albino but probably somewhere out there!
Those are goldens. I get a few every so often from my CRS parents. Sometimes breeders will mix goldens with CRS to get more intense white CRS babies. This is why they keep popping up. Bee Shrimp.html
Is that considered "skeleton?"
Yeah, that's a poor colored skeleton golden.
here is another one. Thanks for the info i wasnt sure what to think when i seen them. How does this second guy look, he has a little better white color.

Should i be taking these out and throw them into my cull tank? If im working on getting a higher quality line of CRS should i start over as it seems there may have been a bit of cross breeding with goldens? Or can i just insert some additional high quality CRS and breed it out?
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