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question about a few aquabid sellers

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I am looking around for plants to stock my 29g and I found a deal that seems really good:

seller is Audiotribe

he is selling 5 potted plants of your choice and 3 stem plants of your choice for $25, and that includes shipping. This seems too good to be true. Does anybody have any experience with the seller?
here is a link:

Also, the seller Aquaticmagic has alot of good plant deals and hardware deals, some including shipping. Is this seller reputable?
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I have never bought from those two before but I do know a reputable seller on aquabid named lowcoaster. I was actually at his house today to pick up a plant. You can email him plants you want and he will order it for you, Ive been on his mailing list for years.
I have bought from audiotribe two times and have been very happy with my purchases. I bought a huge java fern mat that was very healthy and nice. I also bought some potted HC that was good too.
They both have decent feedback

aquaticmagic is good, I have ordered from him a few time, got moss that was died twice but he refunded me the cost
Why not post in swap n shop for the plants you want?

Just wandering.
I cannot say enough good things about this guy, his auctions and his plants.
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