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Quarantine tank too small?

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So I got some new fish today and have them in quarantine right now, in a 4g tank. it is way overstocked for a normal tank, but is it ok to be overstocked for the 2 week quarantine as long as I am doing daily water changes?

Right now I have 5 sterbai cories and 8 Harlequin Rasbora in there.

My only other option would be to add them right into the main tank. I have some other cories and some danios in the main tank.

So overstocked in quarantine or into the main tank?
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is your tank/filter cycled? that is the big question... if you do large daily water changes you should be okay, i think. however, if you want to QT them for longer or need to medicate, you can always go to lowes or whatever and get a decent size sterilite/rubbermaid tub (make sure it's not an off-brand as i hear those can leech stuff from the plastic) and stick your heater/filter in that and you'll save yourself some water change effort and worries. i think you can get like a 16 gallon clear bin for ~$10 and smaller sizes for cheaper :)
I think with daily water changes you should be fine. Giving the fish all places to hide (plants, logs, etc) is a good way to help with stress during QT too
Ok sounds like I am ok then. I cycled the tank with ammonia over the past 3 weeks with the help of some media from the main tank. I have a cave and a bunch of plastic plants in there. I will just keep an eye on the parameters.
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