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I'm sure I've been afflicted with multiple tank syndrome.

At the moment I am debating on getting a 40B or 55 gal quarantine/hospital tank which will eventually be turned into a semi display tank with mostly removable decor when not used for quarantine/hospitalization.

Will probably grab a 10, 15 or 20 in case I need to shift decor or use it as a quarantine for a single fish.

Keep the following in mind,

1. This will likely need to quarantine a group of at least 5-7 3"-4" discus at some point in time before they go into the 90 gal display tank.

2. Filtration will likely be a Eheim 2215 (being shifted over from the 90) and a hang on filter (haven't decided) for the quarantine. I think this should be plenty of filtration capacity for either setups.

I guess let's list all the arguments for and against a 40B vs 55 gal.

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For a tall fish (Discus, Angels) I would go with a tall tank, and look for smaller gallons. How about a 29? Or 30 extra high? This would give you 18" or 24" height with the least actual water volume.
Less water volume means less medicines needed to treat the fish.
Many meds are packaged for 10 gallon tanks so 1 package = 1 course of treatment. Of course you can also get meds in bulk if you know you will be using them before they expire.

The 40 breeder is only 16" high. Is this enough for the size fish you have in mind? There are taller tanks with a similar volume.

The 55 is not so wide front to back (just about a foot). This may not make much difference as a hospital/quarantine tank, but is more difficult to 'scape. If you like the 4' long feature, and the height (20-21") I would go with a wider (front to back = 18") such as a 75 as a display tank.

In terms of HOB filters, I like the Aquaclear product line. If you double the gallons of the tank, then use the nearest Aquaclear model number that should not be too much water movement for Discus, or use the model number closest to the gallons, and add a canister or sump.
I have Aquaclear 70 on tanks including 40 gallon breeder and 45 gallon (4' long).
I have Aquaclear 110 on tanks including 45 gallon (also 4' long) and 72 gallon bowfront. This last tank also has a sump that moves about 200 gph. I have used the 110 on a 125 gallon (6' long) but found I really needed 2 filters.
I have quite a few of the smaller ones:
AC20 on 10-15 gallon tanks
AC30 or AC 50 on 20 gallon tanks
Most of my larger tanks have 2 filters: A can or HOB and a sump.

A sump can add quite a few gallons of water to the system. If you use a sump make sure you include these gallons in any medication dosing.
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