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Freshwater ich is one of the easier to treat infections. Plenty of methods to deal with it relatively quick and easy. Freshwater fish are more tolerant of meds (still should do research or at least ask for suggestions on the safest meds). I've heard the Tank Transfer method can be done as well, but from the sounds of it, it seems like a hassle to do it that way for freshwater ich.

There are far more deadly diseases out there though. Quarantining for a month is a good amount of time for most, if any, diseases are going to show up. Though parasites still may be an issue, but are still fairly able to be detected in that time frame. Even if you miss it, there are pretty gentle anti-parasitic meds (PraziPro is one of them) out there that you can dose the tanks with and not cause much issue.

Freshwater ich would show visible ich cysts/spots on the fish within about 5 days (depending on temp), so that one is relatively fast to detect. But quarantining for at least a months give more time to monitor if any more serious diseases develop. Tank transferring would not be effective at all for some other diseases. So just have 1 (or more) QT to monitor and if any diseases show up, find the proper med to use.

Even if fish have been in quarantine for many months or in a well established tank with no issues for years, if water quality diminishes, the fish's health and immune system will too and that gives way for "naturally" present opportunistic infections to take hold of the vulnerable fish (normally would have no effect on healthy fish).
The same way UV's are helpful in saltwater tanks, they can be helpful in freshwater set ups.
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