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Quarantine fish from warehouse???

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Well I understand why people quarantine fishes but I'm not sure what the "whole" purpose is. My uncle is has a license since he owns a little betta shop and he's taking me to a fish warehouse where LFS gets their fishes.

So about disease, do you think fishes from the warehouse are better or worse than....let's say walmart fishes, in terms of disease and such. I'm getting some cardinals, I assume they are all wild caught right?..anything I should worry about?

So how long do you quarantine the fishes for. What do you look for and when do you know it's safe to add them to your community tank?
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there more than likely not wild caught unless they say they are.
if im not mistaken most fish wholesalers breed there own fish in the warehouse.
Ok so how long do you quaratine fishes for, and how do you know when it is safe to add most cases.
For FW fish it is usually2 to 3 weeks. Just to make sure that they are eating and dont have ICH. After 2 weeks if they appear with anything then you should be safe. In the SW world I have heard as long as 12 weeks to make sure they are healthy ans eating.

The wholesale house that I visit doesn't breed anything of their own. It's all imported from wild-caught or farm-raised. In this case, I recommend quarantining any fish. I lost 4 of 12 cardinals that I bought, but the remainder are doing great. I got 25 rummynose for a friend, and a week later he's heat-treating his 150gal tank for ich... not fun. They looked good at the wholesale house, but you can never be totally for sure.
Yeah I visited the warehouse and they don't breed much. Only a few tanks but these were mostly fishes that are easy to breed like guppies and such. Actually I might be lucky since I only have 4 white clouds and some neons but I can put them in my 10 gallon and use my big tank as a big quarantine tank.....hummm why didn't I just think of that.

Man $.090 cents for rummies and cardinals.....It's going to be a buffet.:icon_mrgr
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