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HI All,

I posted in lighting as well- but having some staghorn issues. I removed the worst piece of wood, and sprayed the whole thing w h202. All staghorn turned bright red.

I still have a bit of staghorn to treat, and am wondering about this method of injecting it right on the algae when there are fish in the tank- they seem like they may swim into the stuff??

Im a bit confused- I see recs like "X amount of h202 3% per X liters of water"- which seems like it is calculating for a total mixed dose like with dechlor or something- but the spot thing is clearly adding "full strength" 3% right on certain spots- how does one not have a fish run this through their gills if they are right there? Also some fish more sensitive Id assume? I have a bunch of small nanos dont wanna hurt them. My fish are acclimated to coming up to droppers and tweezers for food IM afraid they will come up to a syringe.
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