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Python water changer adapter doesn't fit my sink

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Just got a Python water changer in the mail and the adapter doesn't seem to fit my sink. I took off the aerator and it just doesn't seem to catch on anything. I'm sure there is something I can buy at a hardware store to make it work but I don't know exactly what I'm looking for. Here are some pics.


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Some of those adaptors are two-part. As I recall, I had to remove the inner piece to get the outer one to fit my old faucet, and then it was prone to popping off. Of course, the faucet had nylon threads, as did the adaptor (was also angled so it was hard to screw the danged thing on without cross threading it). I got annoyed and got a new faucet - a bar faucet - a special adaptor just for that faucet, and a snap connector for a portable dishwasher. Saved me a lot of aggravation.
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