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Pygmy Cories

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How many Pygmy Cories could i have in the 90G tank. They Look so good when going around teh tank in a little school.
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whether I had a 90gal or 9gal tank, I would just get a dozen which will flock together in a nice cleaning gang, then you can conserve your bioload for other fish.
It depends on what else you want to stock, but I would probably get 20, or so.

If you don't want anything else, you could easily fit 100 of them in there! What a school that would be!
I have 12 in ATM but would like more, they are schooling with the rasboras and flying fox's.
I would like to stock with more rasboras and small fish.
Got some Clown Killies but they are solely Surface dwellers.

I was thinking about some Rummynose Tetras as i've seen some lovely big shoals on youtube.
Gill, can you tell us how many of each fish you have right now? If you ask a stocking question and don't provide how many fish you already have/plan to have, then everyone's response will pretty much be useless to you
in the 90 Gallon so far
7 Mixed Honey Gourami, Gold, Sunset
3 Rasbora dorsiocellata
3 banjo Cats
2 Guppies - Ribbon Tail
4 Small Plattes
12 Pygmy Cories
2 Flying Fox's
2 Green Cories
3 Ninja Shrimp
2 Bumblebee Shrimp
3 Bristlies
1 Black Apple Snail
1 black line fw goby

7 fighter fry this size ____
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1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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