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Puzzling about pearl and oxygen

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1. What exactly is pearling (I know what it looks like, just not what is going on chemically) and how does it relate to oxygen levels in the water? Is it that they are giving off more oxygen than the water can absorb, and so we see the bubbles? If so, would this indicate highly oxygenated water while CO2 is being injected?

2. When using injected CO2 on a larger tank (120g) with high lights (26" tall) how hard is it to get proper oxygenation? Is a spray bar rippling the surface sufficient?
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1. Pearling is the process in which plants saturate the water with oxygen
Thus additional oxygen produced is not absorbed and forms bubbles instead of dissolving into the water column
It's not necessarily speed
But faster oxygen production definitely helps
2. Can't really answer this one I'm always seeding sponge filters in my larger tanks so I have an airline running in them in them.

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Just to note
Better oxygen transfer TOO the water via surface disruption will result in addition CO2 loss FROM the water

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