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puttin you hand intnak

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Anyone like pullin up a chiar and stickinh your hand in your tank for hours just rearangin things and moving plants just jeneral art of the aquarium makiing it look nice. Anyone liik doing this aswell? it feels great like i am the master of the tank not the fish :icon_lol:
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I imagine my self being a God when Im doing this!
When my hand goes in my 29g turtle tank one of the following happens: the baby softshell plays hide and seek because she's always hungry but if my hand is IN the water she zooms to bury her self. Or my frog attacks my finger tips looking for his cube of bloodworms that should be there. Big acf. My two tiny orange cichlids attack! Because even if there's a turtle 15 times their size and a frog 10 times their size, it is still these cave dwelling mbunas that own the tank. One the left half the other the right and they don't let noone trespass be it fish frog turtle or human without a fight and big show of color for such tiny guys.
I spend usually a couple hour's prunning plant's on weekend just before water change in several tank's.
Other than that,,I try to leave em be .
i love it. in one of my tanks my rasbora hets swim around my fingers, in my big tank shrimp will clean my hand.

its something that never gets old. i still love having my hands in the tank just as much as when i first started.
My tank is sitting empty in my living room waiting for stand, canopy, lights and sump to be built. Wife says once it setup a need to leave it alone. ha
I love trimming plants, it give me a sense of acomplishment. Sometimes I have to look at a phone of what my tanks looked at at the beginning so I can really appreciate how far it has come.

But I hate having to get my hands in the tank. And I really hate re-arranging. I just feel like it is too much stress for the inhabitants and I always worry something will transfer from my hands to the tank.
The only time I didn't like putting my hand in the tank is when I had SW who knows what was on the LR. I only put my hand in the tank to plant or change stuff around but hate it because I have pond snails from a piece of driftwood from a different tank.
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