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push to connect fittings with flow control?

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Anyone ever use these? 291037682668
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Garbage at best, don't waste your time. The 1/8 NPT I got had to be mod to get a lower flow. The 10/32 version has even lower flow but these are far from the fine precision metering valve we have available.
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Ok good. I ended up going with the regular push to connect fitting.

yet another question for the reg gurus. How tight should the fittings be tightened? I started to attach my cga nipple and am getting nervous that I will strip it. Its easy to tell when something is tght enough if your screwing into wood or just worried about keeping it fastened but getting an air tight seal is not something im experienced with.
You won't strip it unless you get Superman to put it together. It doesn't need to be super tight, you want it to tight enough that you can't unscrew it by hand.
Often normal thinking on plumbing items is to hand tighten and then use a wrench to turn a 1/4 to 1/2 turn more. That leaves a fairly large span of what is tight as all of us have different grip for the hand tight part. Just be aware that far more are too tight than too loose. If you use a sealer, it will likely be good enough on the small parts we use.
I probably tightened down a little tighter than neccessary then but as long as it isnt gonna damage it then its all good.
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