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Purple Neos at last?

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I found this while idly cruising info for neos:

Can it be? O_O Purple neos at last? I wonder if someone will start importing them once everything is stabilized and there's enough to sell?

My German's only limited to about a year's worth (I really need to pick it up again... But man, German sounds funny when you have a voice like mine).

Has anyone else heard about these? I would DEFINITELY set up a second tank for these lil chaps. Purple!
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Ohhhh! Looks nice. Gonna have to wait for the breeder to stabilize the color. Seems the low quality version is already stabilized, but any darker hues aren't.
Yeah! :D And I'm keeping my eye on it. But purple is totally my favorite color, so I'm excited. I would so invest in a nice 20g for some purps 'n friends.
I would totally put up a new tank for purples. I have purple everything!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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