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Purigen regeneration vs Bleach

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Let me start by saying this ***I love this product*** and use 100's of mL's per filter on my tanks, but i am beginning to question my devotion to it. Not because of how well the product works in the filter, but because of the increased need I am having to add excess bleach to regenerate it.

anyone else experiencing this??

Ive probably regenerated my oldest Purigen bags over 5x and they still clean the water, but im having to soak the Purigen in more bleach and less water for longer and longer to get the purigen to clean up. My biggest concern is the amount of bleach im dumping into our pipes. Recently I used a whole gallon to clean 1L of Purgien, and it took about 5 days without the addition of any extra water. About 6 months ago, i could have cleaned that entire quantity of Purigen with the directed amount of water and bleach, but no more.

so my question is... what is the max # of times you have regenerated your purigen? and secondly, has anyone noticed increased difficulty cleaning the product after several regenerations?
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How long do you go between regenerations? I have had some of mine for close to a yr and it still "cleans up" over night.
Yep. Purigen has a lifespan. How many times it can be regenerated was still uncertain--last I looked into it. I just threw my first batch out last week, but I didn't consider the possibility of a gal of bleach and 5 days. :hihi: I will definitely keep that in mind though!

Edit: I just checked the Drs. and I bought my inital purigen (1L) on 9/14/06, so just over 1 yr ago. Maybe over time we can get this stuff sorted out and get a btter lifespan out of it.
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Yes, and then it just takes you to a posting box for the seachem forum at I guess so this can be asked there.....???
5 x is a fair amount.
Most of the active sites are fairly well roasted after a few exchanges/recharges.
You can bake activated carbon at 500F for 1 hour or so also to recharge it.
Bleach exchanges for negative anions for the chlorine and the sodium exchanges the cations.

You can also recharge Zeolite(with strong brine, NaCl) and it has the same type of life expectancy.

5X is about right.
I do 3x on average for all three before tossing it.
A mix of all three works pretty good if you are after chemical filtration.
A good simple micron filter that's easy to change/clean frequently for mechanical and a nice wet dry for bio.

Tom Barr
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i got through cleaning another Liter of Purigen last night using the same gallon of bleach i used to wash the previous liter.

here is what im doing in an effort to prevent simply dumping copious quantities of bleach in the water.

basically, ive got 4 gallon containers. one is empty. the other 3 contain bleach in varying levels of dirtiness. I put the purigen in the first bleach dip, about 1/3 of a gallon and wait a few days. then into the empty container pour the purigen and bleach and filter out the purigen using a seachem bag. Then add the purigen to the next bleach container and wait a day or so, and repeat until the purigen has been bleached 3times in a solution of increasingly clean bleach water. This method has enabled me to regenerate over 2L now using the same gallon of bleach.
yeah, i thought you could get the best most accurate answer by asking seachem directly.
They may not really know yet, but this would be as Good or better of a choice:


This method has enabled me to regenerate over 2L now using the same gallon of bleach.
2L? Now I'm beginning to understand why there's so much bleach......:tongue:
I use a very small amount of bleach 50.50 with water in a mayo jar.
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