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Purigen need recharging?

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Bought purigen for the first time boxing day and my tank is back to being hazy. I rinsed the filter floss and purigen bag last night and it is brown (not dark, but not tan) with about 15% of either near white or blackish beads. First use always doesn't last as long as after the water has been cleared the first time so is i t safe to sy I should regenerate?

Its darker than play sand but not as dark brown as it gets from what I hear
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Regenerate it if you want. It's not "exhausted" until it's a solid dark brown, but it's not a big deal either way.
Alright I will let it sit in the filter till next cleanning. :)

Not sure if it was cause the floss was clogged but I will see later.
When 'exhausted' it looks something like garden earth.
Alright sounds good! Must have been the water bypassing the floss leaving particles. Rescape clogged it up
I have two batches of Purigen in two separate bags (Seachem's "The Bag" product is the best, I think, despite the price). I have one batch in the canister and leave a fresh one in storage so that I can do a quick swap if my water seems to need it, or whenever my usual canister cleaning cycle comes 'round. My regeneration process lasts 2 days, but with two batches my tank never goes without.

I really like having the ability to put a fresh batch in at the first sign of cloudiness.

I'm recharging Purigen for the first time right now. Is it supposed to get back the white color like when it's new, or just to a lighter brown/tan-like color? Mine was very dark brown and so far after doing the recharging process twice in a row, have only gotten it to a tan-like color.
I need to buy another of "the bags" because I have half a 250ml jar left so I can always have a fresh one.

Light tan after regeneration is okay, the beads get stained ;)
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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