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There are...a lot of options for purchasing an RO/DI unit. Especially if you're trying to cut costs. Therefore, I present to you a semi-comprehensive list of RODI units, and their replacement parts, complete with prices and hyperlinks to where you can buy everything! Currently [8/2020], I'm only analyzing the 4-stage RO/DI filters, and nothing else. Maybe in the future I'll add some pages for 5-stage and up filters, but a lot of newer reefers only go for a 4-stage filter; as an owner of an AquaFX Barracuda, that was the option that I chose.

Also, if the media isn't working, here's a link to it (just remove the spaces):
https: // /spreadsheets/d/ 1QSU2NRJ6Mpl0IUPEU_dfDIze7kRu8I5vv9__GC8V498/edit?usp=sharing

If I've missed a filter, feel free to provide a link to it so I can add it to the list! I'm hoping I can get it relatively comprehensive so that people don't have to scour the internet to find the best steals! If you have questions, feel free to let me know as well!

Finally, if you're going to cite this, please give credit where credit is due and mention me!
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