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Pump plumbing with UVS help needed please

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Hello group think,

I have a 120 planted rainbow tank that has gone through some bouts with first ich and then green water, so I pulled the trigger on a Vecton 2 600 and now I’m scratching my head on how to plumb it.

I was going to plumb in into the outlet of one of my two Eheim 4 Pro 600 canister filters. Currently, one is plumbed into my Cerges reactor (for CO2) and thence into a manifold that delivers the CO2 to the tank. It’s definitely the slower output of the two, because the Cerges tamps down the flow. Therefore, I had planned to plumb the Vecton thru the second canister filter output, which simply goes to a spraybar. However, we measured the ACTUAL flow coming out of the spraybar, using a stopwatch and bucket, and it’s only at 144 gph. The filter is stated to have a max flow of 330 Gph.

(Full disclosure: One question that I’ve had and not thoroughly explored is whether a cause of the lowered flow is the result of the Eheim pre-filters that I have on both inlets to my canister filters. They do an excellent job of pre-filtering, and I like them because I disturb the bio field less in that I don’t need to service my canisters as often. I really should try taking them off and seeing what the spraybar flow is, but assume for the sake of this post that it’s still not going to get to 275... just the spraybar itself has to be retarding flow.)

For the size of my tank, and my goals for my UVS (Level 2 sterilization), I am trying to turn this tank over thru the Vecton at a rate of 2.5-3 times per hour. Since there are about 110 gallons in my tank (it’s never full to the top), I’m therefore working for a gph of 275-330 gph. (I am also aware the the circulation of flow within the tank will play into effective sterilization, but I can handle that aspect well, I think.)

My question is where to go from here.

* I’m not eager to buy another canister filter... I’m not thinking there are many with significantly more output, and I only need boosted flow, not filtration. Unless it would be the NuClear filter, with a significant pump. Seems like these filters can handle high throughput. ANYONE HAVE ONE and can speak to it?

*. I don’t think that plumbing a pump inline from the canister to the Vecton and back to the spraybar will work, and from all I read on this forum, it will be noisy.

* I would not mind putting a simple submersible pump in my tank (hiding it behind plants) but it would need to have some kind of pre-filtration — like a sponge filter — or else the UVS glass gets dirty and Level 2 sterilization won’t be happening.

* I could get an exterior pump, but am wondering how I would then prefilter...

Help? What options/methods am I missing? TIA.