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Puffers...a source of conflicting information...

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I've been on this site for a long time, planted tanks are my I basically just dabble in. Guppies, tetras, bettas, goldfish...the basics. But with the passion for this hobby growing exponentially, my interest for the unusual grows with it. (As well I'm sure most of you know!)

After reading all the wonderful things people all over the internet have to say about dwarf puffers...I did my research and went to my LFS and got two to put in my heavily planted 12 gallon aquapod. I got some black worms at that time as well as these guys (according to the store) were eating them ravenously. Every day I would suck a few worms up in a 1cc syringe and dangle them at the top of the water and let them sink. I *never* saw them eat. (In truth I barely seen them at all) After a week or so I only noticed one in the tank and couldn't find the both seem to be gone. I'm severely disappointed. I went to another local store and they have "Green Spotted Puffers" that are much larger and more robust than the babies I had before. Since the name was different I thought it best to go home and be a good fish keeper and do my research FIRST.

Turns out these are two DIFFERENT species. Fair enough. But the information so far as size, salinity and care is VASTLY spread. Based on your EXERIENCE (something I trust much more than some crazy guy who happens to have a website somewhere.) What are the main differences in puffer species (brackish/freshwater) and what species should I try in smaller a smallish aquarium? What might I have done wrong the first time around. (They were in the aquapod alone except for some shrimp, temp about 82F, tank was fully cycled for months...)

Any help would be much appreciated! ~Adam Edwards
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if they were dwarf puffers, from India, which are readily available in the petcos, usually sold very small, freshwater only, no salt. Much prefer live food, snails, brine shrimp, blackworms. the green spotted puffer is different larger-don't have experience with it, but there is a S.A. variety that is truly freshwater. as I say I don't know much about it.

the dwarf puffer, gets to be about an inch. very aggressive and territorial, in that they prefer little turfs, and nip each other, but they get along pretty much with that parameter. Two would be maximum for 12 gal; one would be better. You really have to devote lots of space for them. Should have lots of plants for hiding out, etc. Males dont' get along; females more getting along, but all are territorial and the small ones, you can't tell the difference in male/females. Yours were probably not healthy if they didn't eat the worms. Study the ones in the petshop for health.

They will nip the fins of any community fish with them.
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Actually, Fredyk I believe its one dwarf puffer per every 3 gallons with one male per two females. One problem I had when I first got into "dps" was the were sucked into my filter because they were so small, so that would be the first place that I would look if I were you. Originally, I had never seen my dps eat for about a month and Im pretty sure they were feasting on my snails. If I were you I would go to the sits that Casty recomended.
I have seven dwarf puffers and a small bristlenose pleco in a ten gallon that is heavily planted. They all get along great and there is very little aggression if any at all. When I got mined the were mostly full grown and were eating well. I started with four and they were always nipping at one another. After reading that they might like to be in a bigger group i added three more. After that they got along fine and school together at the top any time there is someone near the tank. I know that their aggression can change as they age so I keep an eye on them. They are great fun to watch and have unique personalities. I suggest you try them again but maybe try to get bigger ones that are eating well.
I'd personally have no more than 1 DP to 5 gallons in fresh and 1 GSP to 30gallons in heavy brackish/marine water as stated on thepufferforum.

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