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Pseudomugil furcatus fry?!

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I ordered 12 Forktail Rainbows from an online place I shopped at before, and he gave me 1cm fry! I was expecting juveniles around 1", but not this young! Anybody here with experience on how to care for these?

4 of the 14 that came in died from what I assume was shipping stress, but the 10 seem to be doing well in my tank so far. Replaced the AC70 HOB filter in my 20 Long quarantine with a big sponge filter so the fry don't get tossed around violently. Temperature is at 79F, since I heard Rainbow fry do better in warmer temperatures and I feed 3x daily of SF Bay Baby Brine Shrimp squirted through a syringe. They get about a 50% water change 2x a week since I tend to overfeed (I'd rather err on the side of too much food so everyone gets full, and make it up with more frequent water changes). There's some dwarf water lettuce and some clippings of my sunset Hygro for shade and to suck up nitrates.

Am I on the right path to getting these guys grown up as speedily and healthy as possible?
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I'm no expert on raising fry (though the fact I have 5 licorice gourami fry suggests I'm no newb either), but sounds like you are doing this fairly well. At 1 cm, they might be willing to try crushed/powdered any case, a more diverse diet will help speed their growth.
You're doing fine . I've got a bunch coming up from eggs that are near the size of your's and they'll take micro pellets and real finely crushed flakes . Just watch your water quality and water changes . Don't want to shock them .
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