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Here is my take on the iwagumi rock work idea. I've been working on this for a while now, just wish I had used bigger rocks!
Someday I'll pull the crypto and rotala, they are temporary additions.

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2.5 gallon, dirt and sand substrate (poor man's aqua soil), Red Sea nano HOB filter, 13watt AH supply kit very close to the water's surface, pressurized CO2 at the lowest rate I can get it to go. It gets 50% weekly water changes and 1 1/2x EI dosing.
I finally decided I would never be happy with this tank until I got some bigger rocks in there.
So, now I have some much larger mismatched rocks...
Those are downsides of collecting your own, I suppose:)
Hopefully they will take on a green algae patina soon and look a little better. Over all I'm much happier with the 'scape.

A week ago:


Whoops! Guess what happens when you muck about with a tank too much...
guess I have a project for the weekend!
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Oh, that's unfortunate. Good luck with that. The tank was looking good, though!
ewwwwwwwwww. I guess the green slime is very festive for today :)
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