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Hi everyone!

I want to share some successful results of an experiment I've done with Biter, my pea puffer. She is a super aggressive little tyke, and she will eat anything that moves in her tank.

Annoyingly, if there's any algae in her tank, there isn't anything that can eat it and escape her wrath. Pond Snails, Ramshorns, MTS, Nerites, Amano Shrimp; all have crumbled before the mighty Biter.

EXCEPT: The tiny Red-Lip Nerite!

It's officially been a year since we introduced a couple of these guys in the tank, and while she took a jab or two at them, she was unable to figure out their clam-shaped shells, and she has given up on trying to burgle their delicious meat.

The tank is clean. All is well.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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