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pruning question!

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I have 2 amazon sword plants. They are my first plants ever and are actually doing well! And they are from petsmart, even more of a shocker lol

So my first one has lots of brown on it's original leaves. It has LOTS of new growth and the brown is only on 3 leaves. I've heard this happenes because they weren't fully submerged at the store and as long as the new growth is green then the plant is fine. My other plant is totally green too.

So can I cut off the leaves that are brown? Do I cut it off from the base of the leaf or the stem?

Also, I want to add fish but the tank won't cycle. I was gonna make a trio to ACE and get pure ammonia to help start the process, will the ammonia hurt the plants?
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Cut stem close to substrate this will also promote new growth. Keep in mind that the older leaves could be turning brown from some type of nutrient deficiency. If new leaves grow in and u see older leaves start to turn brown then u most likely have a nutrient Deficiency.

As far as the cycling goes, the bacteria that colonizes during cycling needs some place to live. It would be best to list your equipment and age of this new tank.
Okay thanks! So far the new growth looks great and the brown hasn't spread on those few leaves. It's been on the same exact spots. I will watch for any changes at all!

Lets see, it's a 10 gallon with a tetra whisper 10i. A heater that I can't control but stays right around 80. My thermometer broke so I can't remember the exact temp. I have the black flora max substrate with aquarium sand on top. Then the 2 amazon swords and some other decorations. It's hard to tell an exact age. A few months ago I started a tank and lost a few fish cuz I didn't bother to get any type of test. One survived then I got test strips and those read that everything was good. So I added more fish and one had parasites. I noticed she looked a little weird at the store but the guy assured me she was fine. So that was the end of that tank. While disinfecting everything I broke my tank lol so the tank itself is brand new. All the substrate is brand new. The filter bag is brand new. The filter itself, the heater, and the 2 decorations are from the previous tank but I boiled them and left them out of water for a few days. So the tank has been set up and running for maybe 2 weeks. The plants are about a week or 2 also. I want to just add 2 or 3 guppies and maybe the otocinculus I think is how you spell it. I was planning on 3 of those. According to aqadvisor, that would be fine. I just need to get this thing cycled.
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You mentioned its only been set up for two weeks. The brown spots couldn't be diatoms? Tried wiping them off?
Havent tried that, I will. I honestly thought they were burning when I first saw it. Like getting scorched from the light. But I have 2 10 watt fluorescent bulbs in the hood. I think they are 10. Maybe less?
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