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Yay, just spotted my first ever baby crystal red in my newest tank and am super pleased! My efforts with the water chiller (temp now at steady 25C rather than 28-29C room temp) - see this thread - seem to have paid off at last! Actually its the first CRS baby I have ever seen and I didn't realise that they were so coloured-up like the adults from day 1. They're definitely back at the top of my favourite shrimp list again now!

Lousy picture I know, but first baby pictures always are, right?

Guess it's time to start with the orange eyed blue tigers; I hear they're really easy to breed once you've mastered the complicated stuff like neo's and CRS :wink2:

And then spotted this little guy in the tank too:

So I guess that the berried red rili I shifted across from the yellow goldenback neo tank has given birth. Not sure who the father was (red cherry or goldenback) so will be interesting to see if and how this little fellow colours up!

Happy Friday shrimp keepers! :grin2:
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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