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Protein Skimmer for a freshwater planted tank?

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I have been doing a lot of reading and it seems that a protein skimmer would be beneficial in removing dissolved organic compounds from the water column.

According to the article, it removes DOCs, which contribute to algae and microbiological blooms. Pretty much what we all seem to be fighting on a continual basis.

Unless it would remove beneficial molecules, I fail to see a downside.

What do you think?
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There are a few times when I have used a skimmer in a fe tank, but it's usually when something in the tank will be removed by the foaming action of the skimmer.

Usually that doesn't occur in FW, so a skimmer doesn't do much.

I'd save that if you had one, give it a try, but don't spend money on one fro FW with out a very specific problem to solve. For example I have seen them used on goldfish tanks. In that case, you have a dirty fish that throws off a lot of slime.

If you are going to get one, avoid the low price junk that doesn't even work in SW. Expect to spend about $150 - 200 for something decent.
Its hard for protein skimmers to build up enough bubble head in a fw tank to even get into the collection cup. The bubbles stay much finer in a sw tank.
I was thinking of building my own.

I'm contemplating a saltwater tank. Every time we go to a fish store I can't pry my wife and daughter out of the salt water section!

Is it the salinity that causes the foaming or the DOC in the water?
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