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I ordered a Milwaukee regulator + solenoid + needle valve + bubble counter online.

It was shipped without available tracking so I thought it was just late.

I got a call a couple of weeks after I should have received it from the apartment complex next door telling me they had found some "gadget" by the woods. They kept it for a while then they also found the shipping label with my name on it. Since I used to live there they called me and let me know.

Apparently somebody stole it off my doorstep, opened the box, couldn't figure out what it was, then just dropped it on the ground.

However, when I finally tried to set it up I was missing the 'regulator knob' and couldn't get it to work. I emailed Milwaukee Instruments explaining my situation and asking where I could order just a knob.

They replied and said they would mail me one for free because of the troubles I had and they followed through.

I was impressed with their generous and timely response.
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