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Proper Photoperiod

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It seems that many people have multiple photoperiods throughout the day consisting of lights on for a couple of hours, and then off, then finishing with a large photoperiod of four to six hours if not longer. What is the proper photoperiod and what is the purpose of these "on-off" times (algae, photosynthesis, etc)?
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My fish don't seem to panic when the lights go on/off but they will get spooked if the lights in an adjoining room are turned on/off.

About the OP, I think he is asking why the photoperiod is broken up into multiple blocks.
A lot of it is making the tank fit the keeper's schedule so that the lights are on when they are home and off when they are out/sleeping. Theres another point saying that the off periods will replenish CO2 levels in non CO2 injected tanks but personal enjoyment is the stronger reason in my opinion.
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