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Project: 30g CL freebie resto mod

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I'm bored at works I thought I'd throw this up here.

I was in need of a QT tank a few days ago for a shipment of some new rams I ordered from John K here. It just so happens that I had posted up an ad on CL for broken or leaking aquariums to use for the glass. I got a response from a guy who said he had a 30g that holds water but wanted to get rid of it. I explained that I was working on a limited hobby budget and couldn't afford to pay for a tank at the time but he told me to come get it anyway. Who was I to argue? :biggrin:

Here it is after a preliminary scrub. Serious hard water stains. Even if had paid for this, I wouldn't have paid much due to how old and crusty it was.

I wanted to make this rimless. Literally 5 minutes later the trim was off. It was so old and crusty it almost fell off. Bonus, no stock center brace so no need to worry about replacing a brace. :hihi:

Here's a better view of how bad the hard water was

And after about an hour of good elbow grease and 4-5 razor blades its cleaned up and leak testing. Still has some residual hard water stains and bits of silicone, but it will work for QT. After the QT time I'm going to break it down for more cleaning and paint of the fugly wood trim left on the bottom. If I'm really motivated, I might cut it completely apart and re-assemble it. The silicone looks a big old and I'd feel better re-assembling it.

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I was too but if you take a look at its MSDS its non toxic. Which surprised me. If you mix it 50-50 with water and pour It on the stains, you can pretty much just sit there and watch that hard water melt off.

Mix an even solution of CLR, RODI, and vinegar and it'll clean that tank up nicely. CLR is safe for tanks. I've used it all the time.
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