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Ok, I truly enjoy the sunset/sunrise and moonlight features of the planted plus. I believe that the light time at max is to short though. This is based on the way plants are growing my 75 comparatively to two tanks I have with Dual T5HO fixtures, both shorter tanks though (40B and 10).

I don't want to give up the Sunrise to Sunset feature so I'm looking for options for programmable lights that I can specifically change the length of time the lights are on max settings during the day.

What I would like is one that is "externally" programmable since my end goal is a computer based controller that will manage all my tanks. Although that is a ways off and a completely different discussion.

So, recommendations please. Unless you've heard of finnex coming out with a programmable, I can have patience. ;)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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