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Problems with Milwaukee Reg

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Hi guys i need some help let me explain what has happened,

Ok i just bought a milwaukee reg brand new, i followed the instructions, so here goes,
1) I took the reg conected it to my co2 bottle.
2) Turned off the bottle the reg was also unplugged.
3) I turned the needle valve all the way counter clockwise as per instruction.
4) I turned the main know all the way out counter clockwise as per instruction.
5) I plugged it into a wall socket and started to turn up the co2 slowly as per instruction.
6) I then plugged it into my timer.

It worked well for a week then i noticed one day i came home and found the bubble count very high, i lowerd it again using the main knob. Then another day found the bubble count to low, never did i touch the small right valve cause i know that could cause back pressure.

So this morning i woke up to find the co2 indactor yellow too much co2 right, fish dead. I looked down at the gauges and the left gauge was at the zero mark and so was the right gauge which is normal for that. Also all the water in the bubble counter was gone. I turned on the reg and notice yet again bubble count very high, and as i adjusted the main knob the right side gauge was going up which it is not suppose to, and the left gauge wwas still at zero.

Now let me mention this is the 5 reg ive gone through i have no idea what im doing wrong or what is wrong. Also the co2 goes straight into a pvc diffuser.

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it is a known needle valve problem some people run into with Milwaukee reg. since you just bought it new, maybe you can call up Milwaukee and ask them to send you a new one.
Or get a inline Fabco needle valve and use that instead.
so i did nothing wrong? What is a good reg other than milwaukee
the fabco valve, can you stress on that how does it work etc.
Make sure the regulator is set to 10-25 psi or so (mine has two sets of readings on it, psi and ...okay, I don't remember, but it's a metric measurement. Read the right one!)
So your saying that the reg is still ok ? the left gauge is a zero and the right gauge is increasing when i turn up the co2 is this suppose to be like that? Secondly if i get the fabco needle valve will the problem be solved?
What do you mean?

I mean that i have had to replace five already :( But i thought i did something wrong
I mean that i have had to replace five already :( But i thought i did something wrong
So you've replaced five Milwaukee regulators?
So you've replaced five Milwaukee regulators?
well 3 of them? What do you think?
From what I understand, Milwaukee regulators work just fine, it's the needle valve that sucks. It has a low quality needle valve that is prone to altering flow without any good reason.

A higher quality needle valve (like the Fabco NV55 or an Ideal) will solve that problem.

So it isn't the regulator's fault, it's the needle valve's. :proud:
Ok thank you so my co2 is on now and i have noticed that both gauges are reading at zero however im still getting bubbles. Whats up with that? can you send me a link to show how these needle valves are installed?
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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