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Problems With Growing Wild Lily

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As an experiment, I thought it would be neat to have some lily pads in my 125 gallon. I found some small lily rhizomes in a lake near my house in the fall. I'm in southern Ontario so i assume they are White water lily or Yellow pond lily. The leaves seem quite a bit smaller then what I normally see with White or Yellow lilies but I guess it's maybe because they are not full grown yet. I took them home and quarantined / dipped the rhizomes. I planted them in the tank with a root tab. They started to grow and shot out 2-3 pads that that reached the surface but were either accidentally broken off or were just too weak and kinda just fell off. After that they just kinda did nothing. Now, this is the second time I've done this. The first time after they stopped producing leaves i just plucked them out and got rid of them. This time I kinda just forgot about them and after a couple months they started producing leaves again but they are really small (.5"-1") and don't really seem to be growing much bigger then that. The rhizome looks kinda weird too. It kinda looks like it's growing a new, less bulky rhizome out of the top of the original one and the original one is kinda rotted away in spots.

Does anyone have experience with this kinda thing? Is it too warm in my tank? Do they need a simulated winter period? Was it a mistake to plant them in the substrate? or does it just take them a long time to adjust to the conditions of my tank?

125 gallon
Medium - High Light
Flourite and gravel substrate
Dosing Ferts
No CO2
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