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problems or ease in growing certain plants

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Hi guys,

last night my young son pulled out all my Anacharis looking for a Zebra Nerite. It was growing really great anyways, so I fed it to my turtle.

btw, my whole purpose for growing aquatic plants is to feed them to my turtle, and I grow the plants in a seperate tank from the turtle and it has no livestock other than the snails.

I know the following list of aquatic plants are on the "ok to feed turtles"

but are there any detriments/problems growing them?

and likewise, are there any ease to growing them?

here's the list I'm considering:
Amazon Sword
Water Fern
Water Milfoil

Thanks so much! Todd
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If you are just growing them to feed to your turtle, I would avoid anubias and amazon sword. It would be more efficient to just grow out some more anacharis or hornwort
I don't know why but Anacharis has not done well in my tank, even befor my young son pulled them out. Actually he wasn't trying to pull them out he was really just wanting to push them aside so he could see the Zebra, but the roots on my Anacharis are so shallow that they just all came out.

so as your suggestion, maybe I should go with the Hornwort, or is there much differnce with it and Water Milfoil?
Floaters like hyacinth and water lettuce are unstoppable if you have a pond outside. Or just float them in a 5g bucket of aquarium water late spring/early summer and you could feed the turtle every other day!
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