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Problem with Rummy Nose colour

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First time i have noticed this evening that all four rummy nose had pale noses not red after turning the lights on. After about one hour all the red colour is back. I keep meaning to get some more Rummy noses to make the shoal larger.

Also after turning lights on, one of my juvenile angels looked dead at first laying on some driftwood but seems fine now must of been sleeping i dunno.

Test the water with the API master kit
PH - 7.5 - 8
Higher range PH - 7.4 i dont understand why its different from the normal PH
Ammonia - 0
Nitrite - 0
Nitrate - 10 ppm
No injected Co2

I last did a 20-25% water change was 12 days ago i didnt do a water change last weeks cause i thought the tap water was raising my PH. but will do a water change soon.

i have changed lighting hours this week to 7hours recommended by the aquatic shop for my newly planted tank. lighting hours used to be 10-12hours per day.
Do you think this could be the problem? maybe not enough Oxygen when the lights are off is stressing the fish out?
All the fish seem fine now
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I think it's normal. When my lights come on in the morning, my rummy nose have very little red. Stress will also cause them to lose their color. Anything from doing tank maintenance, to adding a new fish...
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