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Problem with Hygro...PINHOLESs

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.. I cant even i cant even go the easiest plant.. correctly..

my Hygro sunset and Hygro Poly

They all have pinholes at the older Lower Leaves.

My new Sunset are getting them too now. Its horrible

I got 2.5w diy c02. but this shouldnt be a problem

I know its a Fert Problem.. Try adding more phosphate? Tryed it.. still wont work

IM using THE EI Dose. for a 30G. Maybe i should dose more?
Could my big bush of LM. cause this since it is a fast grower
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add K2SO4

KNO3 isn't enough potassium.

and watch for any loaches in your tank. They sometime punch holes in the leaves.
Pinholes are either a mineral defficiency ( most likely potassium as mentioned above ) or something is eating holes in the leaves. Calcium or magnesium are the next logical steps.
Its Getting Worst. Now i see alot of holes everywhere, and leaves falling OFF.

IM dosing 1/4 tsps of kno3
1/16 of k2s04
1/16 potassium sulfate
And how would i get Magnesium and calcium?
And how would i get Magnesium and calcium?
In your trace element dose. what do you use for this?
1/16 of that CSM+B

and a pinch of FE
im sorry to hear that the hygro isnt working out for you. the stuff you got came out of a tank almost exactly like you have.
here is what i dose.
1/4 tsp of KNO3 and 1/16 tsp of KH2PO4 m-w-f
tpn t-th-sat
i also use excel twice a week
and change 50% of the water on sun.

hope this helps!
Heyi maybe found the problem,

Could it be that my water is too soft?, Not enough Cal.
WOuld baking soda fix that a little?

heres my water from Tap

dKH 1

dGH 3

ALso another question, IM getting CRS
my PH Is neutral
And my water is very SOFT

And i will be putting Oak leaves/ indian leaves in my tank to lower the PH
If i do that will that Lower my KH and GH too?
Im trying to get a 6.8acidic water and water that isnt too soft,
And will adding Baking soda too my water INcrease my PH and GH,KH
Right now i add a little bit of Baking soda, And Crush corals,If this doesnt work, Guess ill get rid of all my Hygros
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you'd want to add a little extra MgSO4 & CaSO4 or CaCl2.
or a GH booster...

oh, I just saw that they sell CaCO3 too. that'll boost your KH up and provide calcium but it'll up your PH.

CaSO4 or CaCl2 doesn't affect ph.
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