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Problem with diffuser

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I had a Rhinox 5000 CO2 Diffuser set up for quite a while. Recently on top of the white part of the diffuser a brown layer started to be visible. Possibly algae?

Since then the co2 bubbles aren't coming out of the diffuser. I tried to clean it, however I am not managing to remove the new layer which is covering the white part completely.

Any suggestions?
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Did u try using bleach. Just put it in pure bleach for 30min.
Thanks for the quick reply! No I haven't. Will definitely try it out, thanks!
I used bleach and it worked. My only concern is that I can't empty the water that is under the ceramic disk and I think that water got mixed with bleach
If u got a 10cc syringe u can connect a air hose to flash out the bleach or u can put on a clean water with prime to remove the clorine and leave it there for another 30min. If still smells repeat as needed.
You can fill an airline tube/hose with prime&water and hook it up to an air pump. You should be able to push the prime&water solution through the disk with the air pump.

Few notes: Keep diffuser below air pump so you dont drain water into the pump. You can always suck excess water out of the diffuser if you attach tubing and turn it upside down. Bleach/prime water will probably taste disgusting, be careful.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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