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Problem with 75G tank, New, but deep scratches on bottom

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Hey everyone,

I've been planning a 75G out for about 7 months now. As things are, near the center brace of the tank is a scratch. Its deep enough that I can catch my finger nail and hold it there, while pulling. I'm just worried that with 75G (4-500 pounds) of water it would possibly crack and leak water. And being 6.5 hours away from the store I bought it from...

Should I try and get a different tank?

I have less than 2 days before I leave. My uncle thinks I should try to get a different one as well.
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The scratch isn't that deep. But there is a small chip, maybe 1/8" maxwide in the middle of the scratch. Time to go see if the other tanks they have are better.
I wouldn't risk it... Get a new one, IMO.

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It's 3/8" tempered glass. It's not that bad. But were going to the store in a few to see if the other tanks are any better. It's just from someone putting a rock into the tank and not making sure it doesn't drop hard.

My dad thinks it's alright, and he's usually the one to be really cautious. I basically told him, if your alright with it, and you think it will be fine. then... okay."
Ever had a tank split a seam? (I've seen the damage caused by a couple)
If it's a new tank they should swap it out. (imo)
Then again, if it's going up in your Dad's house and he says it's good to go then it's on him down the road if the what if happens.:rolleyes:
Yeah, they have another 75G. Just called a few minutes ago and said that they'd be willing to swap out. If the other one is better. Just my thought, but all they would have to do to prevent the scratches would be to put a piece of thin foam or cardboard in the bottom, or be more careful.
We'll see how it goes... we're going to the store in a few minutes.
swap it out for sure, if its brand new and the store is willing to swap, dont hesitate, it will be one less thing to worry about.
Don't drive six hours just to swap it. Get some silicone and seal both sides of the tank (inside and out). That will keep it together and prevent cracking, which seems to be almost unanimous here, won't. But if you're really not sure, it's your tank... So weigh out having a great tank with this risk hanging over your head or water leaking all over your house. 75 Gallons of it. As well as dead fish and inverts. Lots of them. LOL
I'm still where i bought teh tank. Im leaving for home in 2 days. The other tank they have also has a scratch. It's not cracked. Just a scratch. So we just kept the tank we have. My dad said it'd be risking more to take it back to the store and have it break on the way there. As much as I am a perfectionist, a scratch in the bottom doesn't bother me that much, except if it would crack.
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