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probably not your typical question here...

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My wife and I are also into African cichlids. And i am searching hard for a background for a cichlid tank. Several years ago my wife and i bought a background for her 20h grow out tank for yellow labs which has since been torn down. She would really like to get the same background for a larger tank but we cannot for the life of us recall where we got it. my hopes are that somebody here can help. I have searched goggle images, several online retailers and manufacturers sites but no luck. The material is not your typical shiny high gloss type. it seems thicker and heavier with a bit of a grainy texture with low shine. we bought it approximately 10 years ago where ever we got it. Any leads would be greatly appreciated.
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i recently came across this while placing a food order. hope this helps.
thanks. they appear to have only 3D. the one i have is the plain old vinyl stick on the outside kind.
That is really nice. Here's some that are similar but not quite exact:

Oops, my eBay links were removed. Do a search for "aquarium background rock" on ebay; there are a few I found that were very similar to yours.
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