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Probably a dumb reactor question...

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My RG style reactor sends water up the co2 line at a pretty good pressure. Is this normal?

I know the pressure of the co2 will trump it, but I'm concerned about hooking it up to my co2 equipment and having it blast water into it when the solenoid shuts off. Or will the check valve completely stop this from happening? I've had terrible luck with check valves in the past, but then again, I never had an expensive brass one before either.
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Yes, it is normal for water to shoot out of the co2 line when the tubing is not connected. I actually had that happen to me a few times when setting up my reactor. The pressure of the co2 prevents water from shooting out. Make sure you use a check valve.
Awesome! I thought I really screwed something up because no one ever seems to mention this particular little bit of info.

Looks like I'll be using my ceramic disk until I get a Clippard check valve :icon_smil
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