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Coming soon! Getting some mixed Taiwan Bee shrimp and have some other tanks and want some thoughts/ experiences for a mixed Bee shrimp tank.

Background and issues:

PRL beautiful SS-SSS Shrimp group will not be mixed up with others. These are in a 6.5G Cube. For these have some thoughts needed on swapping to a 12G tank. (End of post about tank changing.)

Group 2 12G Edge tank Have Red Bolts and Golden Bees. These guys are in a tank which could be retired, as I have a new 12G Edge glass tank to use.

Within a week, I am getting 2 new groups of shrimp. Ordered and waiting for 2 Deep Blue BB, 2 Wine Red and 2 Shadow Panda.

Then a mixed group of 12 or so shrimp..."culls" from a breeding project from a nearby hobbyist.

Still finalizing the details of which, but for sure a couple Black KK and BB and 4 or 5 Shadow Panda. 2 Yellow King Kong, 1 Red Bolt

Then possibly White KK? / a male PBL or 2 if we can find them. Maybe some with a pattern - **the reds were already spoken for.

Although I have kept shrimp for a very long time, I have not had experience with the mixed Bee shrimp tank.


The Golden Bee shrimp (various grades) have the the Red Bolts with them and I wondered if just combining these all together would ruin the Red Bolts for future babies, or just keep making a varied number of interesting combinations?

The Golden Bees are not super expensive and mixing them would not be a big deal.

Should the Red Bolts NEED to be moved to their own tank?


I'm hoping to have just 3 shrimp tanks max. (PRL) and ??????

In reading about the crossing and mixing of shrimp, it seems Black KK and Golden Bees (and PRL for that matter) are in the parentage of these newer patterned Pintos, Bolts, Fishbone, etc.

Some people will keep the redder shrimp version Bee tank, and a Black / Blue Bee shrimp tank. Is this strategy necessary? And if so, why if there are Black and white or Golden shrimp as their parentage?

Thank you. The above is the most important part.

Also I want to upgrade the tank size the PRL are in. They are supposed to be in the new 12G Edge Glass tank, but it arrived broken back in March and it took a while to get its replacement. It is empty and will take awhile to get a matured substrate and tank, all other materials filter, DW, rocks and plants will be used again.

I have empty 12G rectangle Mr. Aqua and a the new 12G Edge. And an established 30G Waterbox FW but it has Dwarf Pencilfish (could be moved out) which were previously in with the Golden Bees (because of tank changes) and maybe were eating their GB babies. If the above wasn't enough, any ideas for which- playing musical tanks one group might be better off?

Mixed Bees being added 20-24
PRL 15 Breeding group
Golden Bee Red Bolts 35

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The experience with mixed bee shrimp is not a positive one for me.
The shrimplets grow very slow and grow to a small shrimp and max out at 3/4 “
You might have a different result.

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If your water parameters are on target, then maybe doing frequent small water changes would be helpful.


The first group from the local hobbyist is here. 16

5 Shadow Panda
2 BB
1 Blue Mosura /BB
2 Red Bolt medium
2 Yellow KK small
1 Fancy Black Tiger

They look great
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