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My tank conditions are:
I use RO water mixed with Salty Shrimp GH+, Amazonia Soil.
PH 6, KH 0, GH 5, TDS 140-150, Temperature 71-73 *F

1. Mischlings 10 for $40 and 20 for $75

I need to make room for my new pinto project so I am selling most of my mischling stock!

They are CBS and CRS containing King Kong & Panda genes. The previous owner told me he got 10-13 Taiwan Bees out of these Mischlings. Color vary from so-so to good. Patten vary from A - SSS. Size vary from new born to full grown adult. They are F1-F3. I will hand pick the new F1 from my TB tank to add to each order, and you will get mix color, pattern, size and generation.

I have a limited amount of PRL and Taiwan Bee for sale:

2. Mixed Band PRL CRS $25 each, Buy 5 get one free.
A friend breeder from Hong Kong created his own line, a mixed blood of Hakata, Benibachi, Crimson and Taiwan Elegant Lady. For this entry level you can already see some pretty good white coverage and some Red/White legs. A lot of potential!

3. Taiwan Bee
Black King kong 1-2 strips $25
Black Panda $35

Dragon Red and Wine Red (1-2 strip type) $30
Red Panda $35
Blue Blot Low Grade $25

Shipping is $12 priority and $35 for express.
Heat pack is available for extra $1.5

DOA coverage: Please send me a photo proof of the shrimp still in the bag within one hour of stated delivery time. I will either refund for the dead shrimp or resend you a replacement (You pay for shipping). Absolutely no refund for shipping cost. I am not responsible for USPS delay. DOA is void if you missed the first delivery or it arrives on the fourth day and later.
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