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Hello again guys & gals of TPT...

I have a breeding-out-of-control colony of **CRS that I'd like to thin out'
I'm tired of selling them to Kee's for cheap' & them to sell for $10 each (believe it or not, they get $10 each for my CRS!!)

I have around 100 adults & 100+ juveniles of assorted S-SSS grades.
The more you buy the better the deal... $3-$5 each depending on grade/quantity

I have many insulated USPS Priority mail medium boxes, but I don't have any Breather-bags?
Local pickup would be best... but I may be able to ship, up to you?

If interested shoot me a message.
Dave jr :cool:

Technically they were purchased 2 years ago as PRL that breed true with no Snow White genes. But I haven't had the extra tank space to cull them :(



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