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WOW That was fast... its gone.

i recently purchased a new ro water filter and with it a new TDS meter. So I'm gifting this to a newbie with a shrimp tank that can use one of these to measure their tds.
tds is important in shrimp tanks. dissolved solids will cause problems with shrimp. Some of us ,as i used to use tap water. and don't realize that when your topping off with tap water your dissolved solids are raising. (when water evaporates it leaves the solids than you top off with more tap water ... not a zero tds water and quickly the readings go up on tds. )

Any way... all I'm asking is the shipping cost of 6.00 the unit will come with a packet of tds calibration fluid and its manual. the unit has new batteries in it but is reading 0-1 ppm out of water ,it needs to be calibrated. but that i will leave to its new owner.

the unit is not as fast at measuring as my new unit but it does the job. in other words you have to hold it in the water a few seconds till the numbers stop.

Happy Easter everyone!


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